Our Family-God's abundant love is incredible!

Our Family-God's abundant love is incredible!
Fall 2008 at Bennet Springs State Park

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Lobster dinner...

Rock Shore!!!!!! IN Maine no less!


My Rocky Shore in Maine...

The Adam's Home in Quincy, Mass.

Anna Here! Hello from Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) Yes, I am SO excited to be here...
Tuesday we went back into Mass. and to the Adam's Home in Quincy. It was truly amazing to see all that history in one place. The story on the home is that FOUR generations of Adams lived there until two of the fourth generation (they were historians) decided to make the entire home into a museum.They gathered all the original furniture from different relatives and from the white house and preserved it as it is today. EVERYTHING IS ORIGINAL! From there we went into Boston. And Yes, as is Bommel tradition, we hit the Tip O'Neil Tunnel at 5. :} it wasn't too bad, and we made it out of the area in about an hour and a half. Tuesday night we camped on the Coast of Mass. in Salisbury. we were pretty much right on the beach. I was outside after dark and could hear the waves crashing. :) it was SOOO pretty. lots of stars and a really bright moon!

Wednesday we got up and played on the beach for a little while before hitting the road again. we basically spent all day driving about 120 miles. we took the back roads, and saw some really cute little towns; the REAL New England. we stopped in Oxford, Maine to visit with My Grandpa's Army friend who owns a little store there. we shopped around and got Ice cream that they make there on the farm. That night we went to their house and had our first real Lobster Dinner. It was interesting, and not at all what i expected. first impression: the thing is STARING at you from your plate. it looks alive, and about to eat you first. Second impression: you pull it in half and it's guts fall out, nuff said. The meat actually isn't that bad, it's just really hard to get at.

Thursday we drove from Oxford to Acadia National Park. we are camping on the Island for the next two nights. I finally got my "rocky beach in Maine"!!! It was GORGEOUS, since we hit it right at sunset. :) be jealous...

Friday's adventures included seeing the tide come in on the rocky shore we saw yesterday, seeing a Lighthouse build two hundred years ago, and eating Dinner on a Pier in Bar Harbor. :) Maine is "Everything I imagined plus a bag of Chips"! (to quote Timothy) Too bad tomorrow is our last day... :( *tear*

Today we are planning on hiking up Cadillac Mountain on the North side of the Island, and hopefully making it out to one of the other Islands. :) One week left to go!!!!!

see you all soon!

The Bommels

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun! I've never been to the beach in that part of the country. I bet it's gorgeous. My dad spent some time in Maine and had gone to Bar Harbor! He used to go to a place called Higgins Beach. Glad you had a lobster experience! Thanks for writing about your experiences!