Our Family-God's abundant love is incredible!

Our Family-God's abundant love is incredible!
Fall 2008 at Bennet Springs State Park

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What an amazing ministry and an opportunity to serve our Lord.

Just a little snapshot of the progression of the orphanage building.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Greetings (Hola) from Honduras

Greetings to all from Honduras,

What a fantastic time we're having. The travel down was fairly uneventful . This is an increadable part of God's creation.
We are up at 5. 30 minutes to the job site and then about 10 of work. It's great. I don't have time for much more. Talk to you soon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Morning After.............Whew. We did finally make it home and all are glad. We have the day after blahs right now but we will make it through all of the unpacking etc.

Yes, Anna was the only one to blog one the trip. That's what deligation is all about. Dad's are supposed to be able to lead and to deligate.

Anyway. I think the reason Anna was the only one to post was the fact that I was busy driving over 4300 miles. We covered a lot of ground and also saw some increadable things along the way. The Lord is great and mighty and I just wanted to thank Him for allowing this trip to happen.

I am adding some photos and videos of the previous post so you might want to check out some of the older post also.

Thanks for following along with us on our journey.

Friday, September 11, 2009

McGuirk, Mo

Well... we're home! we cut the journey 1 day short because 1: we ran out of things to see, and 2: we all really wanted to get back.

hum... the last week we spent in Vermont, New York, Canada, and then headed home.
We spent the evening with one of Dad's high school friends. ( This is Dad talking now) We spent the evening with Mark Chaney and his girlfriend Cauleen. We ate dinner at the American Flatbread Pizza restaurant In Burlington, VT. Great food and a time to visit and catch up. Thanks guys for making our visit to Vermont special.

We crossed from Vermont into New York by Ferrie... fun... :) We did end up spending a night in New York after a visit to Niagara Fall at dusk and then waited for the falls to be lighted. Wow was that increadable. We then entered straight from New York into Canada.

I have decided that i DO NOT like New York. (Periodnoroomfornogotiation) I was going to give it a second chance after my first experience with it earlier in the trip, but i just have to say it's not for me.
Canada was BEAUTIFUL, but alot like the US... :P we camped there one night before heading down the LONG LONG LONG road home.

It took us two days to get back, driving an average of 10 hours each day.
*sigh* our journey to the east in a nut-shell... I LOVE MAINE.

thanks to all of the people who i know prayed for us faithfully along the way! keep checking the blog for more updates on future Bommel family adventures and updates~
for the family,
Anna (I think I was the only one who ever blogged!)

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Hampshire, Vermont, New York

Anna Here...

At the Moment we are in Vermont, just wandering around. We are headed into Upstate New York This afternoon, and then Canada Hopefully by Wednesday.

Yesterday we Left Maine *VERY LARGE TEAR ROLLING DOWN FACE* It was beautiful, and i didn't want to leave. I think I found about 700 dream homes that I hope some unknown relative could leave me when they die... :P but that's not going to happen...
We drove to the Top of Cadilac Mountian... well... we went from Sea level, to 1530 feet in less then 2 miles. the view from the top was fabulous. (sorry, no pictures, my internet is REALLY slow here)
We drove for about six hours yesterday, but it too ALL day because we had to get new break pads. (we didn't feel like trying the White Mountains in New Hampshire and the Adirondacks in New York without them...) and that took about 3 hours.

just five more days and we will be home; I for one, am very ready to be there. in my opinion I've seen Maine, now I'm done. :P kidding... I'll enjoy the rest of the trip no matter what.

see you all in a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad says to say he is still looking for a Moose. :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Lobster dinner...

Rock Shore!!!!!! IN Maine no less!


My Rocky Shore in Maine...

The Adam's Home in Quincy, Mass.

Anna Here! Hello from Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) Yes, I am SO excited to be here...
Tuesday we went back into Mass. and to the Adam's Home in Quincy. It was truly amazing to see all that history in one place. The story on the home is that FOUR generations of Adams lived there until two of the fourth generation (they were historians) decided to make the entire home into a museum.They gathered all the original furniture from different relatives and from the white house and preserved it as it is today. EVERYTHING IS ORIGINAL! From there we went into Boston. And Yes, as is Bommel tradition, we hit the Tip O'Neil Tunnel at 5. :} it wasn't too bad, and we made it out of the area in about an hour and a half. Tuesday night we camped on the Coast of Mass. in Salisbury. we were pretty much right on the beach. I was outside after dark and could hear the waves crashing. :) it was SOOO pretty. lots of stars and a really bright moon!

Wednesday we got up and played on the beach for a little while before hitting the road again. we basically spent all day driving about 120 miles. we took the back roads, and saw some really cute little towns; the REAL New England. we stopped in Oxford, Maine to visit with My Grandpa's Army friend who owns a little store there. we shopped around and got Ice cream that they make there on the farm. That night we went to their house and had our first real Lobster Dinner. It was interesting, and not at all what i expected. first impression: the thing is STARING at you from your plate. it looks alive, and about to eat you first. Second impression: you pull it in half and it's guts fall out, nuff said. The meat actually isn't that bad, it's just really hard to get at.

Thursday we drove from Oxford to Acadia National Park. we are camping on the Island for the next two nights. I finally got my "rocky beach in Maine"!!! It was GORGEOUS, since we hit it right at sunset. :) be jealous...

Friday's adventures included seeing the tide come in on the rocky shore we saw yesterday, seeing a Lighthouse build two hundred years ago, and eating Dinner on a Pier in Bar Harbor. :) Maine is "Everything I imagined plus a bag of Chips"! (to quote Timothy) Too bad tomorrow is our last day... :( *tear*

Today we are planning on hiking up Cadillac Mountain on the North side of the Island, and hopefully making it out to one of the other Islands. :) One week left to go!!!!!

see you all soon!

The Bommels

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hey, All!!! (Anna Here)
I'm blogging from Rhode Island.. :) in the last few days since i posted last, we've covered CT, Mass, and RI.
Yesterday we got to swim in the ocean! the waves were awesome, and we all had alot of fun...
today we are heading back into MASS. to the coast. we'll stay there tonight, and then head on into MAINE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!
(can you tell I'm excited?)
highlights... hum... well... i guess Duncan Donuts must have gotten their start on the east coast, because there are about four in every town! : ) this makes me very happy!
We're all still safe (a miracle for some of us) and all having a great time. I still can't believe that we've been gone 8 days! and we're still not even half way home.
Hope you all are doing well back at home, and we'll talk to you in two weeks when we get home.

Friday, August 28, 2009

East Haven, Conneticut

The Family infront of General Washington's headcourters at Valley Forge

Ocean! New York City!!!!!!!!

Hey! This is Anna. (again)

Well... Yesterday was... interesting... we visited Valley Forge in the morning. we saw some very historical sites, and it was cool to learn some more about the events that took place there. Benjamin and Timothy specifically enjoyed the guns. :)

We visited with a "colonial corporal" (a reanactor) and learned more about the conditions, and life in the camp.

Then we headed to Philadelphia, PA. we got there OK, but went too far in, and hit some VERY ghetto areas... we made it out OK, and headed back up town to Independence square. we saw the Liberty bell, and Independence hall. also some very historical sites.

there we also visited with a "British Man" who was sitting in one of the visitor centers. he was giving directions, and making us all laugh. when someone commented on his book of Shakespeare sitting next to him, "Oh, i Love old Shakespeare! especially his tragedies. there is nothing to lift the spirits like reading about someone Else's misfortunes!" his accent really amused the kids.

The rest of the day was very stressful for Dad and I... We missed our exit and got WAY too close to New York City. we could see the Empire State building from the road we were on! we hit the Toll road right around 5... :( which meant HEAVY traffic... with Rebekah crying in the back seat beacuse she had to go to the bathroom... I believe I have discovered my long hidden loathing of large cities... :P not kidding... it was pretty bad...

Then, to make a stressful day pretty much horrible, we couldn't find our camp ground we had planned on staying at for the night.

So after traveling through PA, New Jersey, New York, and into Conneticut we are finally near the ocean!!!!!! we had our first sighting this morning.

thanks for following us! keep us in your prayers..

over and out!

Anna (for the Family)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Benjamin and Lydia

Hey, all! Benjamin here!

I'm at the Hollenbac's house, and we are playing on a wii! we are playing bowling.

Today we went to the state capital of Pennselvania. We went to the Gettysburg Museum this afternoon. We drove along a historic path highlighting the positions of the armies. Lots of monuments! My favorite part of the museum was all the guns, and my favorite part of the trail

This is Lydia!
Today we went to a war museum, and saw all kinds of the civil war! And right now I'm playing a Wii.
we also went to the PA state Capital and met some really cool people.

Anna here...
ha ha... the blog got upstaged by Wii and snaks... sorry... well, i don't know when we are going to have internet access again, so I'll just say that so far this trip has been amazing, and it's been really great to spend some time with my family after a crazy summer! :) keep us in your prayers, and I'll be back soon...
On the road again!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hershey, PA

Hey, all! Anna here. Well, after over 15 hours of driving and many hours of playing the tourist we are safely here in Hershey, PA. Yesterday was spent mostly driving, but we also took some time out to see the Indy 500 speedway and the museum inside the track, and the Indiana state Capital. We drove through some very beautiful, (and also some very boring) parts of our country.

Today we woke up and drove from Cambridge, Ohio to Hershey. passing VERY briefly through West Virginia where we saw some beautiful mountains. (Or "mini mountains" as i like to call them, because i don't think they would be technically counted as a mountain.) " After arriving, we went to "Chocolate World" which was a model of the Hershey chocolate facotry. (for health regulations, and saftly reasons they don't alow the public in the REAL one). I felt a little like Charlie at the Chocolate factory. We saw a tour of how the Hershey chocolate is made... and oh... it smelled... like REALLY good... :) :) :)

well, as far as i know we are staying here for the next two nights... i believe we are planning on finding an Amish community, and going to Gettysburg. :) I'm having a blast, but missing all of you guys!

Over and out for the Bommels!!!!!

On our way

Hey, all! Anna here for the fam... we are safe, as of yet... :) and having a great time... yesterday we spent over 12 hours driving, but were traveling for about 18. We stopped in Indianapolis, Indiana around 2 in the afternoon to see the Indie 500 speedway, went to the state capital, and saw some of the downtown area.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Off we go!

After many days of preparation we are about to embark on the biggest, and longest Bommel Family Adventure yet! We're so excited, and can't wait til we have something of interest to post about! We hope you all follow us, and enjoy our exploits. :)

Please keep us in your prayers as we drive for the next... well... pretty much forever! lol... jk... we have about 9-11 hours of driving today, and more tomorrow... we hope to be in Hershey PE. by tomorrow to visit some old friends.
Thanks for reading, and we'll see most of you when we get back!
For the Bommel family,
Anna Rose