Our Family-God's abundant love is incredible!

Our Family-God's abundant love is incredible!
Fall 2008 at Bennet Springs State Park

Friday, September 11, 2009

McGuirk, Mo

Well... we're home! we cut the journey 1 day short because 1: we ran out of things to see, and 2: we all really wanted to get back.

hum... the last week we spent in Vermont, New York, Canada, and then headed home.
We spent the evening with one of Dad's high school friends. ( This is Dad talking now) We spent the evening with Mark Chaney and his girlfriend Cauleen. We ate dinner at the American Flatbread Pizza restaurant In Burlington, VT. Great food and a time to visit and catch up. Thanks guys for making our visit to Vermont special.

We crossed from Vermont into New York by Ferrie... fun... :) We did end up spending a night in New York after a visit to Niagara Fall at dusk and then waited for the falls to be lighted. Wow was that increadable. We then entered straight from New York into Canada.

I have decided that i DO NOT like New York. (Periodnoroomfornogotiation) I was going to give it a second chance after my first experience with it earlier in the trip, but i just have to say it's not for me.
Canada was BEAUTIFUL, but alot like the US... :P we camped there one night before heading down the LONG LONG LONG road home.

It took us two days to get back, driving an average of 10 hours each day.
*sigh* our journey to the east in a nut-shell... I LOVE MAINE.

thanks to all of the people who i know prayed for us faithfully along the way! keep checking the blog for more updates on future Bommel family adventures and updates~
for the family,
Anna (I think I was the only one who ever blogged!)

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